The Division Movie and Show 🦅 Release Dates, Cast, Plots, Reviews, Opinions

The Division Series and Movie

The Division has been around for half a decade. Despite its short lifespan, it has managed to attract a huge audience.

As the newest installment in Tom Clancy’s branding, The Division has generated a lot of profit for Ubisoft. And it did that with only two installments.

Even though it hasn’t been around for a long time, The Division has already had a web series. And, there’s a rumored The Division movie creeping on the horizon.

So, what do we know about these so far?



Everything About The Division: Agent Origins (2016) Web Series

The Division Agent Origins (2016)
Source: Ubisoft and Corridor Digital


Production, Release Date, and Reception

The Division: Agent Origins was a web series that was split into four parts. It was produced by Ubisoft and directed, and written by Adrian Picardi.

The series was released on January 19, 2016. This web series served as a marketing ploy for the release of The Division. 

The Division: Agent Origins (2016) Trailer


The series was released later as a stand-alone short film.


Cast & Characters

  • Matt Lynch (John)
  • Amanda Day (Mia)
  • Sasha Andreev (Everret)
  • Danny Mason (Daryl)
  • Terra Michilot (“Teenage Girl”)
  • Jasper Morgan (“Teenage Boy”)
  • Brook Harris (Michael)
  • Helen Chorolec (“Sick Mother”)
  • Monica Scott (Trisha)
  • Aundrea Smith (Sarah)
  • Glenn Ratcliffe (President Waller)
  • Paul Carpenter (“Chief of Staff”)
  • Wren Wrenchman / Eli Cuevas / Nick Laurant (“Secret Service Agents”)
  • Steve Kuza (“News Reporter”)
  • Punnavit Koy, Tyler Evans, Scott Brault, Kim Derider, Dan Delano, Andy Morgan, Matt Mavarro, Josh Johnson, Donald Bunnell, Lee Fealy, Collin Cooper, Devin Lundeen, Jake Watson (“Riker Escapees”)
  • Gregory Lundeen and Ernie Ellis (“Rikers Guards”)
  • Nick Hansen (Daniel – mourner)
  • Larissa Gritti (Sarah -mourner)
  • H. T. Altman (Clip)
  • Alex Barbatsis / Derrick Nguyen (“Dwellers”)
  • Rhett Renolds /Joseph Munsinger (“Flame Cleaners”)
  • Andy Morgan / Jon Enge /Jake Watson (Cleaners)
  • Fred Wilzlo, Peter Park, Dan Larson, Carlos Espinoza, Nate Elliott (“JTF Guards”)
  • Max Sjoberg, Laura Erdman-Luntz, Zach Erdman-Luntz and Rachel Harder (“Hostages”)


The series is set in a post-apocalyptic-looking New York City, due to the Green Poison pandemic. The film version starts with a couple dumping a body near a building. They’re later caught and questioned about whether they’ve come into contact with the infected.

Throughout the film, we see different scenes from New York City, where everyone is killing each other. This sets the foundation for what players can expect from the game itself.


Review and Opinions

While The Division: Agent Origins has a low production value, it gets the Walking Dead vibe amazingly. Except there are no zombies, and the real enemy is the ones who were once friends.

The film is far from a Hollywood masterpiece, but it introduces The Division’s universe fairly well.

Nate Crain: “As a fan of the game series, I was a little disappointed that this series did not expand further on the already very rich narrative of The Division. However, I can appreciate the cinematography and well framed action shooting it took to put all this together. Taken as a whole, this is a pretty decent addition, even if it is short on narrative.”

Fellthefil: “There only few quirks in the movie that seem unrealistic. However with such minimal budget, this is very well made.”



Everything About The Division Rumoured Movie


Production, Release Date, and Reception

In June 2016, a few months after The Division was released, a live-action The Division film was announced. Initially, Jake Gyllenhaal and Gerard Guillemot were set to produce the film.

In 2017, Stephen Gaghan was chosen as the director but was later replaced with David Leitch.

In Ubisoft’s E3 2019 presentation, it was announced that the scenario will be written by Rafe Judkins. 

As of now, Netflix has landed an exclusivity deal for the movie. David Leitch was replaced with Rawson Marshall Thurber, due to him directing the film Bullet Train.

We believe that The Division movie won’t be released until late 2022.


Cast & Characters

While it’s still really early for a full cast, Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain have already announced that they will be part of the film. The characters that they’ll portray are still unknown.



The Division movie’s plot will be the same as the video games. It’ll be set in New York City after Black Friday. Due to a pandemic, the city has been practically destroyed. The virus can transmit really easily. This has led society to a chaotic state.

A group of operators has been tasked with saving any survivor in New York City.