🎯 Everything We Know About "Suicide Squad: Killing the Justice League"


Right after the release of James Gunn’s “Suicide Squad,” we get news about a game inspired by the crew, fortunately, developed by Rocksteady (the team behind the wonderful “Arkham” series).

What do we know so far?

This is all we know about Suicide Squad: Killing the Justice League:




What is Suicide Squad: Killing the Justice League About?

As you can see in the trailer shown down below, the supervillains task force X has the mission to kill Superman… And we can guess the rest of the Justice League as well.


The four-team deadly squad (Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and King Shark) will all be playable characters. It was confirmed during the DC FanDome stream that this game continues the storyline of the Arkham universe.


No gameplay has been revealed so far, but it seems like you’ll be able with each character, while the rest of the squad partners are run by A.I.  Each member will possess a unique move set, skills, and customizable weapons. 

Who is the villain in Suicide Squad: Killing the Justice League?


Clearly, the Justice League will be the “antagonists” this time.


And judging by the trailers and other trusted sources, we will fight against mind-controlled Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman… Probably Brainiac will join as well.

Batman, Poison Ivy, the Penguin, and a whole set of characters from Arkham might be introduced in the story, considering they were teased in the latest story trailer:


Will Suicide Squad: Killing the Justice League be on PS4 and Xbox One?


No. This single-player and multiplayer co-op  “action-adventure open-world shooter”  will be released in 2022 for the next-gen: PC Xbox Series X, and PlayStation 5.