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Were you born in the 80s or 90s?

Are you considered a gamer?

Do you like feeling nostalgia? 

Are you into dumb, vulgar comedy?

Then this movie could be for you. Otherwise, run far away and don’t look back.

Everything About Pixels (2015) Movie

Pixels Movie Poster
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Production, Release Date, and Reception

PIXELS is a 2015 science-fiction, action comedy film directed and co-produced by Chris Columbus’s 1492 Pictures and Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions.


Pixels (2015) Trailer



It was written by Tim Herlihy and Timothy Dowling and released theatrically in the United States on July 24, 2015, in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D formats.

PIXELS is based on a conceptual short film made in 2010 by French filmmaker Patrick Jean.


This movie mostly received negative reviews from critics and spectators, which mainly commentate on how the low-budget origin film is better than the +$100 million Hollywood production.

Despite the hate, it grossed over $244 million worldwide. 


People didn’t doubt to leave their opinion on review aggregators Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, which assigned an average score/rating of  3.9/10 and 27 out of 100, respectively.



Cast and Characters

  • Adam Sandler (Brenner)


  • Jackie Sandler (President’s Assistant Jennifer)


  • Sadie Sandler (Lemonadie Sadie)


  • Jared Sandler (White House Junior Aide Jared)


  • Serena Williams (as herself)


  • Martha Stewart (as herself)


  • Kevin James (President Will Cooper)


  • Michelle Monaghan (Violet)


  • Peter Dinklage (Eddie)


  • Josh Gad (Ludlow Lamonsoff)


  • Matt Lintz (Matty Van Patten)


  • Brian Cox (Admiral Porter)


  • Sean Bean (Corporal Hill – SAS Officer)


  • Jane Krakowski (First Lady Jane Cooper)


  • Dan Aykroyd (1982 Championship MC)


  • Affion Crockett (Sergeant Dylan Cohan)


  • Lainie Kazan (Mickey Lamonsoff)


  • Ashley Benson (Lady Lisa)


  • Denis Akiyama (Professor Iwatani)


  • Tom McCarthy (Michael the Robot)


  • Tim Herlihy (Defense Secretary)


  • William S. Taylor (Navy Secretary)


  • Rose Rollins (White House Press Secretary)


  • Tucker Smallwood (CIA Chief)


  • Allen Covert (Abusive Citizen)


  • Bill Lake (NY Police Commissioner)


  • Mark Whelan (Colonel Devereux)




What would happen if aliens misinterpret video footage of classic arcade games as a declaration of war? They would attack the Earth “back” using videogame characters (Galaga, Space Invaders, Centipede, Pac-Man, and Donkey Kong).


The President decides to replicate their strategy with the help of former video-game champions. So they recruit more old-school arcade players and one military specialist to battle the aliens out and save the planet. 




Review and Opinions

Is the movie “Pixels” kid-friendly? No, it’s not. It’s sadly more vulgar than anyone could like.


There’s no doubt the original idea of aliens invading the earth with videogame characters is a beloved one… But only when is properly executed. Instead, this film tried too many things and we know what happened with idea overloads.


So, what started as a good premise, was transformed into a generic Alien invasion story.


The only plus here is the CGI effects. Sadly the characters provide virtually nothing to the premise, so taking them out wouldn’t change much. As with every Adam Sandler’s and Kevin James’ movie performances, they’re weak and show little to no expression.


On the bright side, Peter Dinklage and Michelle Monaghan did a great job here, good enough to almost made us forget about the other’s work. If a remake is made anytime soon, we know these two actors would be the only ones considered to come back.



Peter Travers of Rolling Stone: “3D metaphor for Hollywood’s digital assault on our eyes and brains. Relentless and exhausting”.



Joe Neumaier of New York Daily News: “Someone please retire Adam Sandler. Pixels is the last straw for this has-been. . . . Every joke is forced, every special effect is un-special.The dipstick Pixels is about as much fun as a joystick and not even half as smart”


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