Dynasty Warriors Film Adaptation 🐲 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Review, Opinions

Dynasty Warriors Film

Dynasty Warriors is a hack and slash video game series that’s been around for more than two decades. The first Dynasty Warriors game was a fighting one, just like Street Fighter or Tekken. From the second game and on, the Dynasty Warriors games have been action hack and slash ones.

There are currently 9 installments in the Dynasty Warriors series, with a tenth one being in development.

Omega Force, the developers of Dynasty Warriors, never seemed to want the game to be adapted into a movie. Unlike other game series, it took two decades for a Dynasty Warriors movie to begin production.

But, the Dynasty Warriors film is a thing. Here’s what we know about it.


Everything About Dynasty Warriors (2021) Movie

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Production, Release Date, and Reception

Dynasty Warriors is a movie that premiered on April 29, 2021, in Hong Kong and April 30, 2021, in China. The director of the film is Roy Chow.

Back in March 2016, the producer of the video game series Suzuki Akihiro, alongside HMV Digital China stated that a film adaptation of Dynasty Warriors was in the works. The film was initially set to release in 2017, but that didn’t happen.

Dynasty Warriors (2021) Trailer


The movie’s production began on September 28, 2017, and ended two months later.

The film wasn’t liked by critics, due to its poor humor and lack of character development. IGN’s Robert Daniels rated Dynasty Warriors with a 2/10, stating the above, as well as criticizing the story for being “incomprehensible to those unfamiliar with the games or the source material”.

Polygon’s Todd Harper felt that the plot was inconsistent, but he also praised the music choice and action scenes.


Cast & Characters

  • Louis Koo (Lü Bu)
  • Wang Kai (Cao Cao)
  • Carina Lau (Master of the Sword Forge Castle)
  • Tony Yang (Liu Bei)
  • Han Geng (Guan Yu)
  • Justin Cheung (Zhang Fei)
  • Gulnazar (Diaochan)
  • Ray Lui (Yuan Shao)
  • Lam Suet (Dong Zhuo)
  • Philip Keung (Zhang Jiao)
  • Law Kar-ying (Lü Boshe)
  • Eddie Cheung (Chen Gong)
  • Jonathan Wong (Cao Ren)


The movie is set during the Three Kingdoms’ time in Imperial China, focusing on the Han Empire. The empire is facing uprisings everywhere. The biggest names of those rebellions include Dong Zhuo, the Han Army, and the Yellow Turban army.

Zhang Fei, Liu Bei, and Guan Yu suppress these rebellions, saving the chancellor (Dong Zhuo) in the process. 

The chancellor proceeds to denounce the emperor and takes over the Han Empire. Soon, another rebellion, led by Cao Mengde, begins. This one aims to assassinate Dong Zhuo.

Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei join the coalition versus Dong Zhuo. However, in their dreams, the warriors are told of Lu Bu, an incredible general and Zhuo’s right-hand man, who’ll end up being their most powerful enemy.


Review and Opinions

Dynasty Warriors isn’t a bad film. It’s not a great one either. While there are some exciting, action-packed moments, the movie suffers from an identity crisis. The director seems like he couldn’t decide which parts are historically accurate, and which are just there for action purposes.

If you’re a fan of the games who’s expecting the best Dynasty Warriors film adaptation, this isn’t for you. But, the film has set up a chance for a sequel, even though that’s highly unlikely.

Collier Jennings: “Dynasty Warriors could have benefitted from an expanded runtime and a stronger screenplay, though its high-octane action sequences and performances will undoubtedly be a draw for audiences.”

Robert Daniels: “It’s difficult to quantify exactly what Dynasty Warriors does well.”