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Doom Movie Adaptations

John Carmack, John Romero, Adran Carmack, Kevin Cloud, and Tom Hall from Id Software didn’t create the first FPS game, but they made DOOM, a real IBM-compatible classic with 3D graphics, player-created mods, and networked multiplayer gameplay. 


More than 10 million copies of games from the Doom series have been sold since its debut in 1993, which later spawned novels, comic books, and Doom movie adaptations, which we’ll talk about today. 


The main plot of this series focuses on an unnamed space marine (often called “Doom Guy” or “Doom slayer”) that works for the Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC) to fight demons.

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Everything About Doom (2005) Movie

Doom Movie Poster
Source: Universal Pictures



Production, Release Date, and Reception

Based on this plot, mainly adapting to what happens on Doom 3, Following the 2005 science fiction[7][8] film directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak. It is loosely based on the video game series of the same name by id Software, however, the film adapts elements from Doom 3.


Production started following the success of Doom 2, between 1994 and 1995, right when Universal Pictures acquired the property rights to make a live-action film adaptation. Rights were later acquired by Columbia TriStar but got delayed by the lack of producers and poor script.


Co-produced internationally between companies from the United States, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, and Germany, 


Todd Hollenshead (Former Id Software’s CEO) revealed that they presented agents from the Creative Artists Agency (CAA) the idea to adapt a film around Doom 3. Lorenzo di Bonaventura and John Wells set film development on Warner Bros., then on Universal.


Production officially started in Prague, around the Winter season of 2004, after 15 months of delay. It was released in US theaters on October 21, 2005, with plenty of negative reviews.


On Rotten Tomatoes, the film received a rating of 18% (out of 100%), based on 137 reviews. Similarly, possessing a Metacritic average rating of 34 out of 100, based on 28 critical reviews.


Time listed this film on its “Top 10 Worst Video Games Movies” list in the same year (2009).


It grossed $58.7 million worldwide against $60–70 million of production budget. The VHS, UMD, and DVD unrated extended cut release didn’t help much, with just $29.9 million in domestic video sales.


Doom (2005) Trailer



Cast & Characters (Who made Doom?)

  • Karl Urban (John “Reaper” Grimm) 
  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (Asher “Sarge” Mahonin) 
  • Rosamund Pike (Dr. Samantha Grimm) 
  • Deobia Oparei (Roark “Destroyer” Gannon) 
  • Ben Daniels (Eric “Goat” Fantom) 
  • Razaaq Adoti (Gregory “Duke” Schofield) 
  • Richard Brake (Dean Portman) 
  • Al Weaver (Mark “The Kid” Dantalian) 
  • Dexter Fletcher (Marcus “Pinky” Pinzerowski) 
  • Brian Steele (Hell Knight/Curtis Stahl) 
  • Yao Chin  (Katsuhiko Kumanosuke “Mac” Takahashi) 
  • Robert Russell (Dr. Todd Carmack) 
  • Daniel York (Lt. Hunegs) 
  • Ian Hughes (Sanford Crosby) 
  • Sara Houghton (Dr. Jenna Willits) 
  • Blanka Jarosova (Dr. Hillary Tallman/Imp) 
  • Vladislav Dyntera (Dr. Steve Willits) 
  • Petr Hnetkovsky (Dr. Olsen) 
  • Jarsolav Psenicka (Dr. Thurman) 
  • Marek Motlicek (Dr. Clay) 
  • Doug Jones (Carmack Imp/Sewer Imp)

Plot/Sypnosis (What is the DOOM  movie about?)

In 2026, a wormhole portal called “The Ark” that travels to Mars is discovered below the Nevada desert. 

Twenty years later, Union Aerospace Corporation research facilities are attacked and personnel is sent on a search-and-destroy mission to retrieve data of anthropological, archeological, and genetic experiments on Mars.



Review & Opinions

John Carmack (co-creator of Doom) was among the small group of developers that spoke well about the film: “I liked it. Nobody expects a video game movie to be Oscar material, but I thought it was a solid action movie with lots of fun nods to the gaming community.”

Kim Newman of Empire magazine: “Not quite as dreadful as Resident Evil: Apocalypse, but that’s hardly a major achievement.”

Justin Chang of Variety: “It’s not all that bad. Ultra-derivative big screen transplant of one of the most successful (and controversial) games ever made plays like a mutant cross between a biotech thriller and a zombie movie, with all the alien autopsies, blood-gushing protuberances, and meaningless scientific jargon that come with the territory.”

Richard James Havis of The Hollywood Reporter: “Plot, character development, and dialogue are so sparse that the screenwriters are fortunate they’re not paid by the word. But this basic approach doesn’t render it ineffectual. There’s so little to go wrong that those who like their entertainment mindless and violent will find little fault.”




Everything About Doom Annhilitation (2019)

Doom Annihilation
Source: Universal Pictures


Production, Release Date, and Reception

Produced by a branch of Universal Pictures exclusively deals with direct-to-DVD movies,  Universal 1440 Entertainment, intended to release the film on May 17, 2019, but delayed up to October due to the extensive work that the CGI Hell landscape takes. 


The failure of the first Doom film made Universal turned down a pitch from the director, Tony Giglio, but the latest game series successes made the corporation think it twice. After convincing Universal, a script was commissioned and the movie was announced in 2018.


It grossed $75,679 in domestic video sales. It could have been more successful if id Software wouldn’t have announced that they are “not involved with the movie” on the official Doom social media account. Even the trailer was not so well received by fans either.


Doom Annhilitation (2019) Trailer



Cast & Characters 

  • Amy Manson (Lt. Joan Dark)
  • Agleya Gumnerova (Young Joan) 
  • Dominic Mafham (Dr. Malcolm Betruger) 
  • Luke Allen-Gale (Dr. Bennett Stone) 
  • James Weber Brown (Cptn. Hector Savage) 
  • Clayton Adams (Pvt. Steven Winslow) 
  • Nina Bergman (Pvt. Carley Corbin) 
  • Amer Chadha-Patel (Pvt. Rance Redguo) 
  • Gavin Brocker (Sgt. Harold Friesen) 
  • Chidi Ajufo (Sgt. Logan Akua) 
  • Hari Dhillon (Dr. Ahmed Kahn) 
  • Katrina Nare (Dr. Veronica Cyr) 
  • Arkie Reece (Cpt. Fadel Tarek) 
  • Jemma Moore (Pvt. Li Chen) 
  • Louis Mandylor (Chaplain Glover) 
  • Gina Philips (Daisy (voice)) 
  • Cassidy Little (Morgan) 
  • Plamena Bozhilova (Olivia Dark)
  • Lorina Kamburova (Dr. Sandy Peterson) 
  • Nathan Cooper (Dr. Ezekiel)


In this film, Marines also fight demonic creatures that emerge from an ancient teleportation device. This time, it is just called “Gates” and is located on a Phobos facility. 

Dr. Betruger, from the United Aerospace Corporation (UAC), mildly successfully help a volunteer teleport from Phobos to Nevada, where the UAC Nevada is located at. 

Betruger follows to pass through the same Gate but unlucky, the Phobos base suddenly goes offline as monsters emerge and Marines awaken from cryosleep on a transport vessel.



Review & Opinions

Despite just having a 43% approval rate and an average rating of 4.97/10 on Rotten Tomatoes, fans of the video game series consider Doom: Annihilation is better than the first one. After all, this one is a remake and not a sequel. 

However, the film’s simple storyline is only paired up with non-complex characters, only defined by single characteristics. Although more developed than the sole “Doomguy”.

Alex Kane of Forbes: “Good, trashy fun”.

Jay Krieger of Cultured Vultures: “Feels fan-made and disappointingly inadequate.”

Jay Gervais of Dead Entertainment: “unsurprisingly terrible, with unlikable and forgettable characters. The film emphasis on zombies rather than demons, repetitive action, and lacking the appealing qualities of the games.”



Is there a New Doom Movie Coming Out?

Universal still holds the rights to the Doom filmographic property, so the latest news surrounding the IP speak about the possibility of John Cena protagonizing a new, hopefully, successful Doom film.

Take into consideration that it is extremely hard to please fans with a profound story when there’s little material to take from. The series stands out for its grotesque, fast-paced action.

If this new film proceeds to be produced, there are high chances that it will be a reboot of the series, without connections to any existing movies, but instead focused on the events from the original 1993 game or Doom: Eternal.