Candy Crush GAME SHOW 🍬 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Review, Opinions

Candy Crush GAME SHOW

Anyone who’s into mobile gaming has heard of Candy Crush. Candy Crush is the most successful match-three game ever! At one point, King, the creators of Candy Crush was making $1 million every day.

Candy Crush introduced and solidified the freemium model, where the player can play the entire game for free, but they can also pay for boosters. This model is widely used today.

Did you know that there was a Candy Crush game show? Even if you didn’t, we’ll take a closer look at the Candy Crush game show.


Everything About Candy Crush TV Game Show (2017)

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Source: King and CBS Television Studios


Production, Release Date, and Reception

Candy Crush was a TV show that aired during the late summer of 2017. The game show was based on the Candy Crush Saga game by King. 

The game show was a mix between Big Brother and Survivor, which were really popular at the time. The Candy Crush game show aired exclusively on CBS, and was directed and produced by a team of eight people (Joe Cipriano, Ron de Moraes, Matt Kunitz, John Quinn, Peter Levin, Russell Binde, Sebastian Knutsson, Nicki Sheard).

The game show’s premiere was on July 9, 2017, with its final episode, a two-hour special, airing on September 2, 2017. After the end of the first season of the Candy Crush game show, CBS canceled it.

It’s safe to say that most viewers didn’t enjoy the game show. This could be seen in the constant audience decline after each episode. Many compared the Candy Crush game show to video game streaming and esports.

One of the main complaints about the game show is that it didn’t give the same excitement as the actual game. Apart from the few physical challenges, the Candy Crush game show didn’t provide anything else interesting. 

Candy Crush TV Show (2017) Trailer


Cast & Characters

While there wasn’t an actual cast on the Candy Crush game show, its presenter was Mario Lopez.


There wasn’t any actual plot to the Candy Crush game show, but there were three different rounds. Those were the Qualifying Rounds, the King-Sized Challenges, and the Ultimate Candy Clash.

The teams needed to win one qualifying round, to pick a King-Sized Challenge. There were different qualifying round games, including Jelly Time and Free Yeti. 

On Jelly Time, the players needed to take out 12 squares from the board, while being attached to candy canes. On Free Yeti, the players are strapped to candy skewers. Their goal is to free Mr. Yeti, by matching candy near him, in order to remove the frosting that’s covering him.

King-Sized challenges were 2-minute challenges. The teams could make combos in order to add more time. This worked similarly to the game. Some of the challenges included Candy Ladder and Vine Climb.

On Candy Ladder, one player of the team is on a huge ladder, while another moves the ladder, in order for them to make matches. On Vine Climb, the players used a vine, which was attached to a vertical wall, in order to climb up and down and make matches.

The last round was the Ultimate Candy Clash. The winning team of this would win $100,000. During this round, the two top teams are playing against each other. The first to 50 matches on the vertical wall are the winners.

Review and Opinions

It’s clear that CBS wanted to attract a young audience with the game show. And while it’s true that many young viewers spend hours watching their favorite streamers play their favorite game, the same never happened with the game show.

Apart from the Candy Crush show being on TV, it wasn’t the same as video game streaming. Any person could simply go on Twitch or any other streaming platform and watch streams that are available 24/7. Why would anyone wait for a Sunday night to do that?

That’s what CBS should have thought before releasing this show on TV.

Nick Statt: “As entertainment, Candy Crush is an unmitigated train wreck that’s banking on the lasting popularity of its lead-in, Big Brother.”

Brandonjames-67251 on IMDb: “I’m a huge fan of Big Brother and Survivor, but even that wasn’t enough to keep me watching this terrible show for the full hour. I literally turned it off after maybe 20 minutes. The contestants attempted clever banter and it made my ears bleed. Terribly repetitive and boring. Sooo bad. Do not waste your time watching this garbage.”