Bioshock Movie (Cancelled) đź’§ Release Date, Cast, Plot, Review, Opinions

Bioshock Cancelled Movie

Bioshock is one of the most popular video game series out there. Its retro-futuristic theme, amazing story, and action-packed gameplay made it a staple in the 2K Games catalog.


The games feature multiple endings, fun, and sadness at the same time, as well as all-out brutality against your enemies.


Ever since the first Bioshock game came out in 2007, the team behind it has wanted it to take a place on the big screen. Unfortunately, the Bioshock movie wasn’t meant to be.



Everything About The Cancelled Bioshock Movie



Production, Release Date, and Reception


The team at 2K had confirmed that a BioShock movie was in the works. The original release date for the BioShock film was 2011, in order to coincide with the third installment of the series.


Not only was the movie going to be a thing, but its director would be Gore Verbinski. Yes, the Gore Verbinski that directed the Pirates of the Caribbean. 


However, before the movie reached filming, it was canceled. The Bioshock film saw a big change on August 24, 2009, because of a funds problem. Verbinski was not keen on working on the project when he heard that filming could be taken overseas for a few scenes.


Just like that, Verbinski was dropped to a production role, with Juan Carlos Fresnadillo taking the director’s helm. Fresnadillo was known for 28 Days Later, which received positive reviews.


This wasn’t the end of Verbinski’s part on the film, though. In July 2010, he reaffirmed his role on the film, stating that it was still in production. Along with Fresnadillo, they would try to minimize expenses. But this came to no avail.


7 months after Verbinski’s comments, he said that the Bioshock movie had halted its pre-production process. This happened due to no studio wanting to invest in an R-rated movie with such a huge budget.


So, we can say that the Bioshock film never happened to its rating and its huge price tag, with some reports estimating it to be up to $200 million.


Ken Levine, the creator of Bioshock, had gone on record multiple times from 2012 to 2013 stating that there’s still hope for a Bioshock movie. For it to become reality, though, its budget would need to be more than halved.


In March 2013, the Bioshock film had officially been canceled, as stated by Levine. As insider information said, the $200 million budget had to be cut down to at most $80 million, something that Verbinski didn’t accept.


The Bioshock movie gained some traction again in 2017. On a Reddit AMA, Verbinski said that there’s a chance for the film to happen. His comments were driven by the huge success of the 2016 movie Deadpool.



Cast & Characters


While a cast was never made, we know that big names such as Woody Harrelson, Eddie Redmayne, Jamie Dornan, and Ryan Gosling were all interested in the project. Redmayne and Jamie Dornan had also auditioned for the movie.





As with the cast, a plot was never released. However, there have been a few leaks from the script of the film, which was fully done.


The movie starts out with Jack, the main character. Jack college graduate who takes a plane ride to avoid a job that his father prearranged for him.


Jack’s airplane crashes mid-flight near a lighthouse. Jack proceeds to enter the underwater city of Rapture. His goal is to escape the city, despite a strange connection between Rapture and him.


While many parts of the games are cut out, there are still some landmarks, including the aforementioned Lighthouse, Neptune’s Bounty, and more. 


Jack has many near-death encounters with the inhabitants of Rapture, just like the games. The script also states that many parts of the games’ plot, like “Would You Kindly”.



Review and Opinions


From the Bioshock movie’s script, we can understand why the movie gained had an R-rating. There’s tons of action, which is heavily detailed. At one part of the script, the protagonist gets his ear ripped off, which would be shown in full detail.


Now, who would this movie be for? Fans of the games, or action movie enthusiasts? Well, you’d definitely need to know a bit about the games before you went to the theater to watch the film.


While we can’t say how the movie would have turned out, according to the production crew and the script that we know, it would have been great. It could have potentially been the best video game adaptation ever.