“Arcane” League of Legends Series〘Ḷ〙Release Date, Cast, Plot, Review, Opinions

Arcane League of Legend Series

League Of Legends is a free-to-play video game, which launched in 2009 for PC. It eventually became one of the most popular video games. It’s also recognized as the foundation of the esports scene in the US.

With so much hype around the League Of Legends esports scene, the developers needed to capitalize on it, right?

Riot Games, the developer of League Of Legends, did just that. Riot expanded the reach of the LoL universe, many new games in the past few years. These include Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra, and League Of Legends: Wild Rift.

But Riot didn’t stop there. Many people from Riot Games have said that the plan is to create a League Of Legends cinematic universe. And this will begin with the first League Of Legends movie… which isn’t actually a movie.

Riot Games is currently producing a League Of Legends anime (animated series), named Arcane. Arcane aims to be Riot’s first step into challenging the MCU.

What do we know about Arcane so far?



Everything About Arcane (2021) Netflix’s League of Legend Animated Series


Arcane (2021) League of legends poster
Source: Riot Games / Netflix



Production, Release Date, and Reception

Throughout League Of Legends’ 10th Anniversary, Riot introduced many new projects, the most exciting one being Project A, an upcoming first-person shooter. 

But, fans quickly got on the hype train when they found out about an upcoming animated series, set in the League Of Legends universe. This got even better when it was announced that the League Of Legends anime is animated by Fortiche Productions and produced by Riot themselves. 

The first season of Arcane was set to release in 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it had to be pushed back to 2021. Earlier this year, it was announced that the first season of Arcane will be a Netflix exclusive, set to release in the fall of 2021.

Riot has full control over the project, leading many to believe that the League Of Legends anime will be a huge hit. 

This was the very first Arcane trailer we got.


Arcane 10th Anniversary Announcement Trailer




In May 2021, Riot released a short teaser, showing us a bit more action and feeding the anime’s hype.



Arcane Official Trailer




Just like every other Riot Games project, Arcane will target a 14+ audience, as it’ll contain a few adult subjects.


During this year’s E3, we got another trailer. This time, Riot treated us with a full scene from the anime. In it, Jinx explores a building that is significant for her and Vi. You can watch this clip below.



Arcane: ‘A Score To Settle’  Story Trailer





Cast and Characters (What champions are in Arcane?)


While we’re sure that Riot will announce more champions as Arcane’s release comes closer, we’ve currently got four of them:


  • Jinx (TBA Voice Actress)


  • Vi (TBA Voice Actress)


  • Caitlyn (TBA Voice Actress)


  • Warwick (TBA Voice Actor)


The League Of Legends animated series, Arcane, will take a closer look at Jinx’s and Vi’s childhood. It’ll take place in the utopia known as Piltover and the vicious streets of Zaun.


According to today’s League Of Legends lore, the sisters are far from friends. Whenever the two meet, they mock each other. This is most likely due to Jinx being a terrorist in Zaun and Vi being a sheriff in Piltover. Arcane will serve as a prequel to this love/hate relationship of the two sisters.


According to Riot themselves, we can expect a well-developed story that will help long-time fans of League Of Legends understand why the Jinx and Vi hate each other. We’ll get to know that through their stories and struggles, which will be beautifully animated by the well-known Fortiche Productions.




Review and Opinions


While we can’t rate Arcane yet, we’re pretty sure that the series is a step in the right direction for Riot Games.


Once the series premieres on Netflix later this year, we’ll surely take another look at it.